From sustainability to OnTheLove - Giving a Second life

OnTheLove - Amplifying OnTheList’s passion for promoting 360-sustainability, OnTheLove’s mission is to promote ‘Second Life’, to give back to society and to create opportunities beyond the status quo.


Long-term partnership with ImpactHK

ImpactHK is a local charity that provides the homeless people in Hong Kong with shelter, friendship, food, education and employment opportunities. The ultimate objective is helping them to get off the street and settle into their own home.

While ImpactHK offers homeless people a second life by supporting them physically, emotionally and psychologically, OnTheList also gives the off-season products a second chance. We find the synergy in doing good will to the society and believe this will create great impact to those in need and able to influence others to join us on this meaningful journey.

Our Projects

Hands on

Hands On is a registered Hong Kong charity serving as a hub for volunteers and NGO partners. Hands On has kindly connected OnTheLove with various NGO and volunteers across HK to continuously serve our 2nd life concept.


Maggies provide support for people affected by cancer, their families, carers and friends. OnTheLove has partnered with Maggies since 2017 in different events, from donation box to Swap party, to help empower people to live with, through and beyond cancer.

Mayaa Foundation

The aim of the charity Mayaa HK is to sponsor underprivileged children currently educated in local Hong Kong schools. OnTheLove has supported Mayaa in several charity sale events at our showroom to support and continue the funding for those in need.


Redress is an environmental NGO working to reduce waste in the fashion industry. With the privilege of partnering with Redress, OnTheLove has organised multiple charity sale events and raised awareness on get redress month to continue the funding for those in need.


Crossroads Foundation is a non-profit charity based in Hong Kong which connects those with resources and those who need help. It has been a reliable partners to absorb excess clothes to needies around the Globe.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an international Christian church and charity working that has been serving Hong Kong for over 85 years. Here we partner with the Salvation Army for clothes donation events to continue the second love concept.

Christian Action

Christian Action is a charity to serve those who are disadvantaged, marginalised, displaced or abandoned. With the partnership with Christian Action, OnTheLove has the fortunate opportunity to support with clothes donation events to continue to make an impact on the community.


LUXARITY is a social venture with the vision to inspire a conscious living for all. Its mission is to build a community that shares the values selling curated pre-loved luxury goods and up-cycled capsule collections. OnTheLove has partnered with Luxarity to continue giving back to the community through various events.